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Our library is open to all students and contains more than17,000 volumes. Students in grades K-5 enjoy 30 minute library visits every week with their class. Students can check out up to 4 books, depending on their grade level. 

Grade K: 1 book

1st and 2nd Grade: 2 books

3rd Grade: 3 books

4th and 5th grade: 4 books

Books are due back weekly but may be renewed up to two times.

Regular Library Hours:

Monday:  8:20-12:30

Tuesday:  8:20-3:00

Wednesday:  8:20-2:15

Thursday:  8:20-3:00

Friday:  8:20-2:45

Open to students:

Morning recess – Monday - Friday

Lunch recess on Tuesdays

For information about the library or to find out how you can volunteer, please contact:

Library Media Tech: Patti Young

Email Address:

Phone number: (510) 656-1250 x42061