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Fourth Grade Links

Nearpod Digital Citizenship Lessons:

Benchmark Universe


Typing Program 

Touch typing requirements for 4th graders

 Minimum Net Speed : 10 wpm  

 Minimum Accuracy: 92% 


Google Drive Quiz 

Nearpod Lesson on Google Sheets

Fruit Chart link - 


Digital Passport


 Rocks and Minerals - Facts about Rock Types - Examples of Rocks  - Three types of rocks - Types of Rocks and Facts -  Uses of Rocks 


Video for three types of Rocks 

Electricity Game Links 


Kids learn coding for free! 



Username is the first THREE letters of your First Name, and first THREE letters of your Last Name,and the LAST THREE numbers of your student ID number followed by    

 e.g. Sam Wong       ID   10012456  


 Password:   10012456 ( entire student ID number)


Lexia Core 5


ST Math


 Gold Rush

Gold Rush Webquest -Finding a new life in California  In this webquest, students will imagine what life was like as a forty-niner traveling to California in search for gold. 


Learn and review math concepts with videos and practice for free!


Social Studies 

California Regions


Sample Slide Show


 California Missions


California Missions Resource Center - Your comprehensive guide to discovering the history behind the California missions and the people who founded and shaped the character of California

California Missions - This Webquest is designed for fourth graders who are studying California history. The students will produce a travel brochure describing their assigned mission based on the facts they learn from their Webquest.

California Mission Life - This WebQuest focuses on researching Spanish California and Mission Life. Students will be studying the Spanish Colonial period of California in Social Studies.

California Missions - This webquest is designed for a fourth grade social studies unit on the California Missions. The students will complete an information report and create a model mission.

Gold Rush